Championship Rules



1.a. LANZAROTE SUMMER CHALLENGE 2023 is an international CrossFit competition.  This event has the peculiarity of taking place near the beach, combining all the requirements of a CrossFit high level competition with exercises on sand, mat and water.

The location of the championship this year will be in two locations: one location of the event is located on the Islote de la Fermina, in Arrecife (Lanzarote), a few meters from the Playa del Reducto, the cradle of the 4 previous editions and this will be the second location, taking back the feeling of feeling the sand under our feet and enjoying this wonderful beach. Both locations allow us total control and the execution of all the relevant anti-Covid security measures. It is a unique location that also gives us the possibility to combine CrossFit events with aquatic events.

The competition will take place on 26 and 27 August 2023.

* The date and venue are subject to the restrictions of the pandemic at that time, and may be postponed or changed if necessary. The organisers shall give as much advance notice as possible.

1.b. There will be 7 categories:

  • Scale Men: 16 places.

  • Scale Female: 16 places.

  • Intermediate Male: 16 places.

  • Intermediate Female: 16 places.

  • Male RX Pairs: 16 places.

  • Female RX Pairs: 16 places.

  • TEAM MASTER (Mixed Couples +35 years old): 16 places.

* A minimum of 8 competitors or pairs of competitors must be registered for the category to be held.

In total there will be 160 competing athletes, 32 judges, 40 volunteers and 30 staff with various tasks, such as technicians, organisers and media.

* The number of participants may change at the discretion of the organisation (for example, by increasing or decreasing the number of places of those qualified athletes for the on-site phase in one or more categories).

1.c. There will be a qualifying phase from 8  to 21 May, where the registered athletes will have to perform 2 Wods, which can be divided into several parts or obtain more than one score in each of them. The sum of the scores will determine who gets to the finals.

1.d. The final list of qualifiers will be announced on May 26, 2023.


2.a. To participate in the competition each athlete must accept all the rules and regulations, including, without limitation, the acceptance of risk, publicity and rules of the event. The rules are established as a reference, to be applicable during the competition.

2.b. All athletes are required to complete and comply with the appropriate waivers and documentation as directed by CrossFit Lanzarote C.B. Registration must be validated, payment completed and official identification or credentials must be worn during the event where specified.

2.c. All athletes agree to compete in a sportsmanlike manner.

2.d. Actions such as arguing with or inappropriately addressing any representative, sponsor, judge, volunteer or athlete at the event will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will be grounds for disqualification from the competition.

2.e. Each competitor must bring their own rope, magnesium, equipment and accessories for MOBILITY. The use of lifts or hooks for the bars, as well as any system that facilitates the execution of the exercise with respect to the other competitors, is not allowed. It is also not allowed to put tape on the bars of the racks.


3.a. All athletes must register online via the link under “Registration” and complete an “Athlete Profile”. It is the athlete’s responsibility to provide current, valid and truthful information, including email address to receive notifications pertaining to the competition.

3.b. There will be a preliminary online qualification phase to be held from 8 to 21 May, where the athletes registered during the registration period (until 14 May) will compete in 2 Wods that will establish the ranking and the list of qualifiers for the final event in August. The price of this qualifying phase is 15€ for the individual categories and 25€ for the Team category.

* Registration period for the qualifiers: from 1 March to 14 May.

* Deadline for qualifiers and uploading scores: from 8 to 21 May.

* Deadline for event registration (qualifiers): 18 to 23 May.

* Competition: 26 and 27 August 2023.

3.c. The payment of the registration fee will be done through the app. The registration will be accepted and the athlete or team will be registered when they receive an e-mail with the confirmation to the e-mail address provided.

3.d. Athletes under 18 years of age must have additional parental consent during online registration, and written parental consent on the day of the competition.

3.e. In the event of not being able to attend the competition, the registration fee will not be refunded once the registration deadlines have closed.

3.f. No change of athlete will be allowed in either mixed or individual category, for whatever reason, after the end of the qualifiers.

3.g. The entry fee for the final phase is 60€ for the individual categories and 120€ for TEAM. Each team must fill in the registration forms in advance.



4.a. The Lanzarote Summer Challenge 2023 will be an outdoor event with unlimited capacity.

4.b. The organisation will stream the whole event live, with 2 cameras and commentators that will bring each of the races to any place in the world.

4.c. Each person (athlete or coach) must at all times carry their accreditation and identity document, otherwise access will not be allowed.

4.d. The competition arena will be divided into 5 areas:






In the case of the Beach, athletes should proceed directly to the warm-up area.

* Access to the warm-up area will be allowed one round before, and only after being authorised.


5.a. The competition will take place on the Islote de la Fermina, in Arrecife and on the Playa del Reducto (Spain).

*Athletes should be aware of the WOD location and times.


On Friday 25th August all athletes must collect their competitor’s bag. The registration process will take place on Friday at the Islote de la Fermina from 17:00 to 19:00, with reduced capacity and limited entry due to the pandemic. If you are unable to attend on Friday, you will have to inform the organisation and register on Saturday morning.

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th. The event will start at 8:00 a.m. for judges and volunteers, and at 9:00 a.m. for athletes on both days. Saturday will finish at 19:30 and Sunday at 16:30.

* This schedule may be subject to change. The final timetable with the Wods and corresponding order of each athlete will be published one week before the start of the competition at the latest.


6.a. News, notifications and possible changes to these rulebook will be continuously updated on our website, on our Facebook page Summer Challenges and on Instagram @summerchallengelanzarote.

6.b. You can also send your doubts and questions to our email


The Lanzarote Summer Challenge International Championship is an event where measures are taken to achieve maximum sustainability.

We cover measures related to:

– Energy and facilities.

– Mobility and transport.

– Waste management.

– Environmental pollution.

– Discrimination

– Gender equality.

We encourage participants and the public to comply with the rules established by the event organisers, respecting the environment, using the areas of the event with waste separation containers to reduce the impact of residues.

With the intention of minimising the emission of polluting gases, if participants, volunteers, coaches or members of the public have any doubts or need help with how to get to the event, Lanzarote Summer Challenge recommends the use of the public transport offered by the island, whose timetables can be consulted at:

No racist, homophobic or gender stereotypical behaviour will be allowed. We have an Equality Plan with specific commitments, measures and objectives.